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Damir Lukic RCS application

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Damir Lukic RCS application Empty Damir Lukic RCS application

Post by Damir Lukic Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:31 pm

Damir Lukic RCS application Sheild
Red County Security Services.
Sec-U-rity. -YOU- are at the center.

To:Red County Security Services.
17-B, Montgomery, SA 92037.

From: Damir Lukic
YOUR ADDRESS,:8 Palomino Creek
YOUR TOWN, Red County, SA 91034


Personal Information:

Full Name:Damir Lukic
Date of Birth:14/02/1988
Current Address:8 Palomino creek
Current Occupation (If applicable):I'm bus driver
Phone Number:1010953
Education:I have Studied Kriminalistics in Los Santos.


Background Information:

Do you have any previous criminal record? If yes, please explain:No

Why do you want to join RCSS?: ((Minimum 150 words))
)I need the money, so I can live without too much trouble. I believe joining a security firm would be best to utilize my basic talents (I know how to use firearms without endangering myself or anyone else that I do not intend to, and I know basic first aid.) I believe I will be an invaluable asset to RCSS. I also believe that with more members, RCSS would be able to handle more contracts at once, thus raising the amount of money they may recieve, and also increase the company's success. I believe that together, we can make Red County a more secure place. I hope my application is accepted due to the points that I have written above.

Do you have an previous experience with any type of security work?:No but I want to learn.


OOC Information:
Character Level:7
Timezone + Location:GMT +3
SA:MP Roleplaying Experience:I've playing roleplay 8 or 9 months.
How many hours do you play each week?:about 9 hours
Other Characters?:None
How long have you been playing on VHRP?:3/4 months.
Do you have a weapons license?:No


Damir Lukic

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Damir Lukic RCS application Empty Re: Damir Lukic RCS application

Post by ArielV Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:09 pm

((Copied my reason except the last two sentences. Also didn't sign at the end.
Deny it please smazz? <3))


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