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Spiros_Georgiou SD Application.

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Spiros_Georgiou SD Application. Empty Spiros_Georgiou SD Application.

Post by Amanda Edwards Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:34 am

In Character

Full name: Spiros Georgiou

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 17/3/1875

Place of Birth: Los Santos

Current active address: Motel

Available phone number(s): 1011128

Education: None

Are you currently in occupation?: No.
If yes, what is your current occupation?:

Have you had any previous occupations?: No.
If yes, what were your previous occupations?:

Do you own a current valid driver license?: Yes.
If yes, has it ever been suspended?: Nope.

Do you posses any knowledge or experience in the law enforcement area?: I posses some knowledge and experience in the law enforcement area.
Have you ever been arrested?: Nope.
If yes for what charges/crimes?:

Have you ever served time in prison?: Nope.
If yes for what charges/crimes?:

Biography (Must be over 200 words):Spiros Georgiou was born on March 17 1985 in Los Santos,to parents Amy and Hulio Georgiou. When he was three years old, Spiros's family lives there for 27 years.

From the fall of 1997 until the spring of 2000, Spiros attended elementary school one block from his home at Shibumi’s School. During Spiros youth he served as an altar boy at Los Santos and was involved in a number of community sports programs including soccer, baseball and basketball.

From day one, Spiros worked to capitalize on all the opportunities that Los Santos had to offer. Spiros was a member of the Student Activity Committee, the Religious Activities Office and the American Club during all of his four years at Los Santos. He was a member of the track team during his freshman and sophomore years, winning numerous medals and helping his team win the city championships both of those years. He also participated in the intramural sports program that Liberty City offered. While working with Brother Tom, Spiros was a peer counselor to younger students in the YOUTH Program.

During Spiros's four years at Los Santos he was very active in the many retreat programs offered through the school at the Esopus retreat grounds in upstate Los Santos. Spiros was a counselor on weekend retreats for younger students and during the summer he worked with specially disabled children and adults. Admirably, Spiros was invited to make his Senior Encounter during his junior year. During his senior year, he became a program leader. In the spring of 2007, Spriso graduated from Los Santos and was awarded for his service.

4 years later, Spiros went to San Andreas to find a better life instead of staying in Los Santos and work with his father as a Engineer . When he reached there, he met with friendly friends and neighbours. After a year in Palomino Creek, many new people moved into town. Now Spiros applying to join Red Country Sheriff Department and ready to serve the country.

Out of Character

First Name: Sam
Last Name (Not required to answer):
Country: England
Do you have a working microphone?: Sort of.
Do you have Skype or Teamspeak installed? Yes

Your server nickname: Amanda_Edwards

Past characters and factions: Amanda_Edwards - SD and Percy_LaRoux- Black Lotus Corporation..

How long have you been a member of this server?: For about 3-4 Months

Have you ever been banned from this server (if yes, why)?: Nope.

Why do you wish to join this faction?: I would like to help Red County and plus, there aren't that many cops online.
Have you ever played on any other role play servers (if yes, which)?: Yes , ZO-RP, LS-RP AND SF-RP
Do you posses any law enforcement knowledge or role play experience?: I have alot of RP experience since iv'e been playing loads of RP servers and I posses the law enforcement knowledge a bit.
Have you read the application rules?: Yes.
Any other comments: Nope.

Role Play

Explain what is role play and its basics: Roleplay is Asuming the role of the character you play with.
Explain what is meta game and give two different examples: Meta game is when you use OOC information IC'ly.
*H0LY SH1T H0W D1D Y0U K11L M3
*/pm 0 Come to Palimino bank i'm getting attacked.

Explain what is power game and give two different examples: Powergaming is when you do un-realistic powers and/or forcing another player doing it.
* /me Jumps of the roof like superman.
* /me Belly flops everyone around me.
Explain what is "gun from ass": Gun from ass is when you Scroll a heavy weapon such as AK-47 and a SNIPER.

Explain what is "RP to win" and give two different examples: Roleplaying a lot of roleplay's in one word or sometimes fast typing roleplay's, not giving a chance to the opposition to do a counter, making them lose most of the time.

Give an example of a good detailed role play /me: /me Clutches his fists, attempting to punch John.

Give an example of a bad role play /me:
/me Shoots John
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Amanda Edwards

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Spiros_Georgiou SD Application. Empty Re: Spiros_Georgiou SD Application.

Post by Operetta Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:26 am

We have a new forum. Post this on there.

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