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Kazuma Kizashi [Weapon License App]

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Kazuma Kizashi [Weapon License App] Empty Kazuma Kizashi [Weapon License App]

Post by Kizashi Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:29 am

To: Red County Sheriff's Department
455 Main St.,
Dillimore, SA 91034

From: Kazuma Kizashi
4th Palomino Creek,
Palomino Creek, SA 91034

Kazuma Kizashi [Weapon License App] 2akh5rq
Red County Sheriff's Department
Courtesy - Professionalism - Respect

Weapon License Application

Personal Information:

Full Name: Kazuma Kizashi
Date of Birth: 11 August 1991
Sex: Male
Social Security Number: 11380983
Current Address: 4th Palomino Creek
Current Occupation: N/A
Phone Number: 1011110

Background Information:

Have you ever had a firearm license before?: No.
Have you ever had a firearm license be revoked or suspended?: No.
If yes, for what reason:
Do you have any previous criminal record?: Yes
If so, describe the nature of your crimes and when: I have tickets in common guilts such as speeding,running over a man's foot by accident and bailed,attempted for vandalizing public properties. And I was jailed but before that,the sheriff let me another chance but I felt guilty and decided to take my guilts in the prison.

Weapon Information:

Clearance Level: 2
Intended weapon(s): A Revolver and a Inherited Wakizashi and optional,a classic Lee Enfield Rifle.
Where will your weapon(s) be stored?: It will be stored in my inner coat for handguns. Others such as swords or melee,maybe at home or tied on my backpack along.
Do you have training or experience regarding the proper usage of the weapons you are applying for? If so, state the nature.: I have knowledges about weaponries. I learned them from my adopted family when I was 14 years old. We went hunting and my foster dad taught me about M1 Garand of his.
Why are you applying for a weapons license and why should the Red County Sheriff’s Department accept your application?:
In everyday life,we need to be careful and we do also need protection. I have faced these scenarios everyday. I get robbed,barely killed and even brutally knocked out. I know how it feels like to be a target in the public and it is annoying and it would even make my life even worst to be living in. I know the town is dangerous and I'm seeking for a protection. My point being is,having a weapon might increase the chances for me to survive any kinds of robbery or assaults in the public. Plus,I've had it in these troubles I faced,I always woke up in the hospital everyday. Even the doctors starts to think bad stuff about myself but still,made a few friends in the hospital with the nurses and doctors. I really need this so I could protect myself from danger in the everyday life. I could prevent from waking up in the hospital everyday like its my house or some how. I have responsibilities to be taken cared with and I know wielding guns have much more responsibilities than being unoccupied. It is quite disturbing for me to be picked on by gangsters in the streets. Even calling 911 won't work since they'll probably chase and knock me down. I can also protect the people in the street using the gun I have. Maybe even help the police taking down thugs or so. Furthermore,I can keep my family safe better than nothing. I know the feeling of loosing a family once and I don't want to face it again and again.
[[250 word minimum]]]

I, Kazuma Kizashi, understand the terms and conditions for applying for a weapons license. I understand that if I violate any of the terms or conditions, misuse my license in any way, shape or form, or mishandle my weaponry and become a danger to myself or others through the use thereof, that I will have the license revoked without a refund of funds and likely arrested and tried to the fullest extent of the law. I understand that any and all firearms I purchase using this license will only be handled by myself and that every one of them is to be registered upon purchase to my name and any crimes committed with the weaponry can and will be levied upon me. I promise, under penalty of law, that all information in this application is absolutely true and understand that falsifying information on this document will result in any licenses being revoked, having my ability to apply in the future removed, and also being arrested and tried accordingly. I promise to use the weapons license responsibly, safely, and lawfully.

Screenshot of you /charity-ing the appropriate amount of money for the license:
Kazuma Kizashi [Weapon License App] Sa-mp-039
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